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First, the concept of service:
1, to achieve customer satisfaction
Establish a customer centered work style, strengthen service awareness and service skills, quality and efficient service to win customer satisfaction.

2, the pursuit of leading service
Constantly improve the service content, the pursuit of professional services, standardization and diversification. Focus on active service and personalized service, to shape the quality of service brands, to achieve the industry leader

3, promote a lasting win-win situation
To provide customers with the perfect pre-sale technical support, after-sales technical support, to help customers improve the ability.

Two, pre sales technical support:
1. To prepare the feasibility study report for the new project
2, preliminary design and construction design
3, the preparation of production management and technical documents and new plant staff technical training
4. The design and implementation of the old technology transformation project
5, the design and manufacture of new process machinery

From the beginning to the end of our factory is committed to two aspects of the quality of the pursuit: product quality and service quality. Excellence in product manufacturing, all take the customer as the center and adhere to scientific and technological innovation for enterprise development of the business philosophy, combined with the continuous improvement of service quality to create business thrives. It is from this view of quality, the enterprise has been through the effective allocation of internal management resources to improve the competitiveness of enterprises. Enable enterprises in terms of production, sales, after-sales service, and to establish a perfect control system, order to guarantee meticulous service to the customer.